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Form 5-4: Site Ground Lease Proposal to Landowner with Developer Disclosing Proposed Financial Partner and Major Tenants; Landowner Granted Participation in Subtenant Rental Increases and Option to Purchase Developer’s Improvements


(Exhibit Compares Financial Attributes of Developer’s Key Major Tenant Relative to Competition to Improve Likelihood of Landowner’s Selection of Developer over Potential Competing Developers) 


(An illustrative "best and final" approach revealing key tenants, tenant "credit" analysis, and developer background to secure competitive development opportunity)


(7 pages)


Ground lease proposal addresses:

  • Unsubordinated ground lease.

  • Description of developer's financial partner.

  • Market position and financial strength of proposed major subtenants.

  • Developer background.

  • Zoning.

  • References: list of landowners who leased or sold land to developer and retained development approvals, architectural control or other development restrictions.

  • Risk analysis and development structure.

  • Financial attributes of developer's proposed tenants compared to potential competing anchor tenants.

  • Marketing team.

  • Developer financial references.

  • Conclusion and proposed attachments demonstrating comparative merit of developer's proposal compared to competing developers.

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