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Form 6-1: Letter to Major Home Builder Proposing Continuing Venture Relationship and/or Sale of Home Builder’s Shopping Center Project Currently under Development

This letter proposes to purchase and develop this particular shopping center site and purchase or joint venture other retail sites within land developments undertaken by major homebuilder, an excellent way to expand a shopping center developer's development pipeline.


(2 pages)


Proposal addresses:

  • Property description.

  • Possible upward or downward adjustment of purchase price based upon survey.

  • Property elections, option and development concept. Gives landlord right to either sell or accept ground lease. If ground lease is selected, provides for ground rent and term and ground rent commencement.

  • Option to purchase fee; exchange by seller.

  • Potential land loan to seller advanced by developer's financial partner.

  • Option period development tasks dovetail with option payment schedule, i.e. justifying developer's need for time.

  • Land owner's rights to developer's work product.

  • Right of Entry.

  • Marketing signs on property.

  • Assignment.

  • Title Insurance.

  • Brokerage Commissions.

  • Exhibit: Preliminary development schedule.

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