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Form 12-1: Letter of Intent to Sell Proposed Outparcel to Fast-Food Chain for Chain’s Construction of Free-Standing Fast-Food Restaurant and Drive-Through


This proposal includes a detailed financial structure and clear demarcation of how all on- and off-site costs are allocated between the developer seller and the purchaser.


(9 pages)


Form addresses:

  • Parcel description.

  • Building description.

  • Use.

  • Purchase price.

  • Parcel improvements (alternative structures re on- and off-site costs).

  • Governmental development fees.

  • Building fees and permits.

  • Purchase agreement and closing.

  • Financial adjustments for extended closing (alternative structures).

  • Title insurance and closing costs.

  • Signage and elevations.

  • Taxes and common area expense.

  • Financing.

  • Exhibits "A" through "G".

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