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The author of Shopping Center DealMaker’s Handbook® can teach you or your organization a systematic approach to becoming resourceful, responsive and efficient negotiating and closing shopping center real estate transactions. You will learn to quickly and powerfully make effective proposals and efficiently confirm preliminary agreements covering all major deal points. You will make better, more responsive transactions faster, more professionally and easier. Seminar attendees consistently report that they negotiate much better transactions (also requiring less administrative management and legal costs) with time savings of 30%–40% per transaction. Imagine the productivity gains to your organization after only six months!

Seminar content is customized for your particular industry niche and interest. For example, developer, broker, retailer, or attorney seminars each have a specific perspective and content. Additional follow-up seminar(s) can be designed to monitor results, answer questions that arise after the initial seminar, and focus on follow-up areas unique to your enterprise.

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