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Form 13-1: Key Provisions Contained in a Typical Build-to-Suit Lease Proposal for a Free-Standing Restaurant in a Neighborhood Shopping Center

(9 pages)


Form addresses:

  • The site and leased premises.

  • Use.

  • Trade name.

  • Work letter.

  • Construction allowance; cost overruns.

  • Specific cost items payable by tenant (alternative structures).

  • Fees, permits.

  • Rent commencement; lease term.

  • Minimum rent; adjustments to minimum rent.

  • Percentage rent.

  • Options to extend lease term.

  • Assignment and subletting.

  • Signage.

  • Real property taxes and common area maintenance.

  • Reciprocal easement agreement.

  • Financial statements; guarantor(s); release of guarantee.

  • Contingencies.

  • Time limit of proposal.

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