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Form 14-2: Letter of Intent with Bank to Ground Lease Free-Standing Bank Pad in Neighborhood Center

Includes (i) Allocation of On- and Off-Site Costs and Development Fees and (ii) REA Restrictions (Contains illustrative site plan showing the service station parcel and building envelope)


(9 pages)


In addition to the following deal points, this Word form also includes developer-oriented comments addressing how refinements could be made to cooperatively expedite the transaction. 

  • Site.

  • Use.

  • Initial lease term.

  • Options to extend lease term.

  • Minimum annual rent and adjustments thereto.

  • Option period rent.

  • Rent commencement.

  • Pad delivery.

  • Site plan.

  • Architectural criteria.

  • Signage.

  • Restricted parking.

  • Subletting and assignment.

  • Completion of on- and off-site improvements.

  • On-site and off-site maintenance and expense.

  • Title.

  • Commission.

  • Contingencies.

  • Not binding.

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