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Form 3-1: Employment and Project Equity Participation Agreement for an Individual Forming and Managing a Local Development Division for a Major Out-of-State Developer 

(Agreement in Letter Format from New Local Employee-Partner to Employing Multi-State Developer; easily editable to provide for a single-office employer)

(17 pages)


Here are some of the major business issues in this editable Word Form:

  • Duties of employee/equity partner.

  • Employer/developer's project funding (including possible formation of joint ventures with financial partners diluting equity).

  • Compensation and non-recourse "partner loan" paid out of "Project Payouts".

  • Partnership interests and how administrative and project costs are allocated.

  • Allocation of project costs at time of Project Payout.

  • Employee benefits: Profit sharing and pension plan, medical insurance, auto allowance, etc.

  • Termination: Allocation of rights as to "Vested Projects", Fee Projects, Funded Projects and Abandoned Projects.

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