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Form 4-1: Comprehensive Letter Proposal to Purchase Shopping Center Site; Periodic Release of Funds to Seller during the Escrow Period


(This letter contains "the works," including virtually every contingency you will ever need and the ones not required can be easily removed)


(25 pages)


Letter agreement available as editable Word document addressing the following major deal points:

  • Purchase Price and various adjustments to final Purchase Price.

  • Description of Site to be purchased, adjustments to Site; adjacent properties.

  • Title Search and document delivery from seller to buyer.

  • Roughly 20 detailed contingencies—just delete the ones not applicable.

  • Contingency approval periods for each contingency.

  • Escrow and allocation of closing costs; deposits and deposit releases.

  • Termination Rights.

  • Entry license.

  • Marketing Signs.

  • Assignment of purchase rights.

  • Condemnation prior to closing.

  • Title.

  • Brokerage Commissions.

  • Representations and Warranties.

  • Tax deferred exchange by seller.

  • Confidentiality and good faith.

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