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Form 6-4: Proposal to an Anchor Retailer That Has Constructed an Initial "Free-Standing" Store and Limited Shops on a Portion of a Land Parcel Owned by the Retailer.


Developer Proposes to Purchase the Entire Parcel, Less the Land Area Attributable to the Anchor’s Retail Operations, Subject to Developer’s Ability to (i) Add a Second Anchor Tenant and (ii) Build Additional Shops and Pads, Consistent with Specified Amendments to an Existing, Approved Site Plan


(5 pages)


Form addresses:

  • General approach and proposed additional major tenant. Developer proposes to revise existing site plan, obtain amended site plan approvals, negotiate a parcel sale to other major co-tenant and build out remainder of the site consistent with Outline of Site Purchase Specifics.

  • Net site purchased.

  • Closing.

  • Purchase price.

  • Contingencies: co-anchor parcel sale; escrow extension payments, title approval and an array of other contingencies relating to specific buildable areas of proposed shop buildings and outparcels; parcel map recordation.

  • Brokers and finders.

  • Entry license and marketing signs.

  • Non-binding proposal.

  • Time limit on proposal.

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