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Form 9-1: Basic Major Tenant [Supermarket] Build-to-Suit Lease Letter of Intent; Landlord Constructs Tenant’s Building and On- and Off-Site Improvements


(18 pages)


Form addresses:

  1. Alternative introductions.

  2. Marketing objective.

  3. Compensation: shops, pad ground leases, pad build-to-suits, major tenant build-to-suits, pad sales.

  4. Optional: adjacent land acquisition and joint venture.

  5.  Site sale or venture.

  6. Sale of completed buildings.

  7. Leasing commission Payment Schedule (for each type of transaction).

  8. Other brokers.

  9. Dual agency.

  10. Term of agreement.

  11. Exclusions.

  12. Authority.

  13. Diligence.

  14. Authorization letter.

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