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6 Ways to Use DealMaker's Handbook®

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Find the proposal or LOI Form or key language you need in seconds:

  1. Look at the one-page "Contents in Brief" to take you to the section covering the deal-type you want. For example, "Major Tenant Leases," Section 9.

  2. Follow the thumb-tab to Section 9 and choose the Form type you want. In this example, choose between a classic build-to-suit lease structure (Form 9-1) or reverse build-to-suit wherein Tenant builds and Landlord purchases Tenant's building on completion (Form 9-2); In your digital Forms download edit Form (Form 9-1 or 9-2) and print out on your letterhead.

  3. Alternatively, go to the 8-page "Contents" and select what you want.

  4. Still seeking an additional unique or infrequently-used deal point for your document? See Forms under Chapter 17 "Optional and Alternative Clauses for Purchase and Sale Transactions", Chapter 18 "Optional and Alternative Clauses for Lease Proposals" and copy and paste the provision(s) into your document.

  5. Want to cover more issues? Want to see every conceivable way to structure option rents? The detailed 34-page Index takes you to virtually any deal point or provision you seek. Just copy the language you need, edit and paste into your document.

  6. Each Form deal point has a bold heading describing its topic. Former ICSC President Malcolm Riley told the author that even if he's reviewing a proposed document not in SCDH, he routinely uses a Form's bold topical headings as a checklist to make sure he's covered each deal point.


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