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Shopping Center DealMaker's Handbook

Practical Transaction Guide for Real Estate Professionals – Developers, Owners, Retailers, Brokers, Investors, Asset Managers, Advisors and Attorneys

Award Winning Reference Tool

Bruce Zimmerman received Irvine Award 2022

Need to write a proposal or letter of intent ("LOI")? Why start from nothing?

Start with a professional template with each unique deal point already written! Presenting the perspectives of all parties, Shopping Center DealMaker's Handbook® helps you quickly shape a preliminary proposal or letter of intent to your unique requirements. Whether a pro or a novice, you will make better deals, faster and easier, using the thumb-tabbed Handbook® and its 62 editable digital real estate forms for retail lease and purchase/sale transactions. While each form contains all deal points unique to the particular transaction type, you can delete clauses or paste in special provisions for your deal.

Easy to Use

The graphical layout and thumb-tabbing quickly lead you to the template fitting your deal type. Just open the form needed on your computer in Word®, fill in blanks, edit to suit your deal and print it out on your letterhead! 


Comprehensive Resource

It's a "thinking tool" you'll use daily—use an entire form, a paragraph, an idea, paste in deal points from "optional and alternative clauses", add your own additional terms, use the bold-faced headings on each deal point as a comfortable "checklist" to make sure you've covered all the issues in your deal.


Saves Time

Create better business agreements much faster. Shopping Center DealMaker's Handbook® and its digital forms is the only source to articulate virtually any deal point and some you've probably never seen. Users report time savings of 30-40% in the negotiation of each deal. Chances are your competitors will have it. 

The only resource ever written to produce proposals and letters of intent

The only resource ever written to produce proposals and letters of intent. Legal and real estate journals are raving about it. 

Buy Now

Best Value!

Purchase 626-page hard-cover reference, with 62 digital forms covering virtually all development, leasing and sales transactions. Graphic interface and powerful 34- page Index takes you to any deal point you need in seconds.

Individual Forms

For your convenience, selected customizable digital forms are available to purchase individually and download immediately.

Individual forms available for purchase and download


Shopping Center DealMaker’s Handbook® earns Irvine’s Best of 2022 Award

In The Press


Shopping Center DealMaker’s Handbook®

with 62 Ready-to-Edit Proposals and Letters of Intent in Word

The Foreward to Shopping Center DealMaker’s Handbook® was written by William Reavey, a prominent California real estate attorney. In it he discusses the need for comprehensive, easy-to-use, preliminary agreements to facilitate the deal-making process. Using quality preliminary agreement forms increases the likelihood that all important deal points are addressed up front and accelerates the deal-making process. As we all know, use of poor quality, vague and some sometimes self-contradictory term sheets often result in attorneys being called upon the flesh out what is missing. In essence, one of the benefits of a LOI that addresses all key deal points is the parties can move forward without incurring expensive legal fees prematurely. Lawyers, in particular, should find this Foreword interesting.


“...[T]his system so artfully supports innovating thinking, its design and function may serve as a blueprint for a whole new form of specialized reference tools...will improve work product, save time—and for a change may even make the lawyer the hero.”

— American Bar Association’s Probate & Property

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